Saturday, March 19, 2011

Did this for this week's Teen Challenge over on to be a jedi self portrait. Spent way to long on it haha, but am pretty happy with the result. Any critiques are more than welcome though.


  1. nice dynamism! colors are cool too and i think you scorched your hair :D

  2. very cool but as you asked for crits : I would suggest to do less splatter its a controlled beam of super-hot energy I think it would just cut trough him without any splatter ^^ but nevertheless TEEN-challenge you can do whatever you want in a few years from now !

    keep it up

  3. Parsakoira: Thanks! :)

    Partisan: Thank you! I was a little undecided on the splatter, but felt that it helped compositionally, so left it time I will try to figure out a way to have it more realistic and yet still work as a composition. Also, I am honoured that you have such faith in my future :). I hope to be one of the best in a few years time (I'm 17 now).