Sunday, May 22, 2011

Zombies Unite!

haha, hey guys..
So if you saw Sickbrush's post about a everybody does  SP for a new banner thingy [heres the link]
Well after some thought on the subject i had an idea of 'Everybody Draws Somebody Else' project.
Ok so basically everybody gets picked at random and assigned another zombie to draw. Once we have all the portraits we'll merge into some kind of banner for up the top
using this random name selector we got everybody somebody to draw! haha

Alex Konstad - Mateja Petkovic
Alex Tooth - Parsakoira
Andrew Sonea - Sentinel
Benjie - P
Bapsi - Lance Ridenoure
Botond - Partisan
Dile - Vablo
Hunchback - Alex Konstad
Jake Kobrin - Sickbrush
Lance Ridenoure -  Sidharth Chaturvedi
Mateja Petkovic - ryanoir
Matty McMullen - Jake Kobrin
P -  Hunchback
Parsakoira - Dile
Partisan -  Qikalain
Qikalain - Botond
ryanoir - Bapsi
Sentinel -  Matty McMullen
Sickbrush - Benjie
Sidharth Chaturvedi - Andrew Sonea
Vablo - Alex Tooth

Alright! now that we have that covered, everybody upload a photo of them selves to like, photobucket, imgur, anywhere! and then post a link the the URL of it in the Comments below
that way its all in one post

a month from now - June 22nd
you can post before that date if you can't post on that date of course, but keep it fairly close to that date.. also just post it like you would any other thing on this blog and Label it 'Everybody Draws Somebody Else Project'  (like i labeled this post)

alright i think i covered everything, comment below for any questions!
looking forward to this myself :)

EDIT: since sickbrush is so awesome he had the idea of 'zombified portraits' so we'll do that, make them grungy, gross, disgusting, beautiful. 


  1. ok a link to my photo

    lets bring it on !

  2. looks cool! give me a week to get a photo up cuz i just boughta new desk and lamp so i can actually get some decent lighting. sounds cool! smells cool!

  3. Wow great idea, Im keen! should be able to get a photo of my ugly mug pretty soon.

  4. hey, and lets make those hi res, so that we could print those out and stick it to the wall.

  5. Great, this sounds cool! I'll see about posting a photo when I take a good one of myself.

  6. hehe, alright zombies!
    i'm gonna post up a pic really soon for Jake to have fun with. Benjie, i'm waiting man, your face is mine mwhahahaha!!

    Pijus mate, you're totally right. Let's all do them 3k x 3k @ 300dpi or something so we can get a huge result in the end!

  7. oh, one more thing. shall we do them zombie style? could be cool to have a banner full of our zombie selfs :D

  8. zombie selfs! yay! taking a picture of mah handsome face soon

  9. sickbrush man - dope idea! love it, gonna edit the post now : D

  10. Sounds awesome, pic incoming soon! :)

    heres mah pic!

  12. why do you have a bundeswehr jacket ? ^^

  13. i got it for 1 euro so why not ;D i also have a similar shirt!

  14. we should all paint in the same format so they look good cohesive and together, anybody have any preference? 18x24 would be nice. :D

  15. I prefer miles or nautic miles.. not sure yet, what do you think? :)

  16. inches guys
    yeah 18x24 Inches everybodyyy

  17. btw little problem here "to paint" partner hasnt posted a thing so I cant start :-/

  18. I'll upload asap! Where is yours vablo?

  19. I hope this one is okay. Waiting for yours Hunchback. :)

  20. here's my repulsive human self. For all you zombie girls, gimme a holla' for my inner demon shots ;)

  21. Pijus, is that a girlfriend in the background? :))

    I've sent an email to Benjie and hopefully he'll be replying with photos so i can start working hehe.

  22. Dile, here's my pic->

  23. Im not sure if alex tooth has been around here :S hes the one supposed to paint me, what happens if he does not? D:

  24. I wonder that too Parsa because I'm supposed to paint him. :D

  25. oh that solves it then :D if he doesnt show up youll do me right?

  26. Sure mate! For how long should we wait...?

  27. parsa- have you pmed him on CA or anything?

  28. Alex said he's really busy atm, so I think I'll do you Parsa. ;) OR, I could do Evan Norman (the new guy around) and he would do you?

  29. ok anyone who needs to be zombified yet? Because I dont see my victim (qikalain) coming around soon so Ill draw how ever needs to be drawn

  30. New to the fray. Who hasn't been done yet? If anyone is up for it, my pic can be found under my CA User (CKLamb).

  31. how can we zombify that picture Lamb? you scare the fuck out of me haha

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