Thursday, May 19, 2011

Booyaa it's ready! Any SC2 fans here, by the way? :)


  1. looking great! must have taken ages to render all that out :) one thing bugging me out though, the distance between the closes and the farthest figures is not clear enough, looks like they are pretty close to each others, but there is a huge difference between sizes suggesting they should be further away

  2. Hell yeah! I really like this, you captured the tense feeling you get watching a cut scene :D I also love that you put in a viking! There so awesome!! (looking).
    I agree with Para, if you fix that itl be rockin!
    Maybe add something very close, something slimey and spikey, to really add suspense.

  3. Good to hear that you like it, and Parsa, it really took a while. :D
    Hmm, I see... I'll try to fix the distance issue, thanks for the advice!

  4. Viking..marine? What tac is that D: add in a tank too ;) great painting man! *Sc2fan here*