Tuesday, July 5, 2011

doing the crahzz (new dance move)

so today I was working on a study that I had worked on for f***ing days, I had saved and everything, but when I switched from ps cs4 to ps cs2 to stream, it said the file was corrupt.. I thought, whatever.. and tried re-opening it in cs4 again.. and same shit there! ARGH. So I just lost one of my longest studies. Thanks photoshop.

However, I then decided I should take the easy path.. which is paint over photos..so I saw this movie, called Die Hard 2, and saw this awesome angle of an aeroplane, looked it up online and painted over it :D

All anger and sarcasm aside.. This is the first time I'm doing the crahzz.. and I'm gonna try to be open about my sources ( wink crahzz.. wink)

30-40 minutes or so.. Very relaxing and fun.. a way to experiment with moods and colors :)..

Original photo:


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